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Our Story

Once upon a time.... a long time ago... someone had the bright idea of selling furniture to schools. And then in more recent years, we decided that pupils deserve better, brighter, more inspiring learning environments instead of the same old boring classrooms. We set out on a mission to improve learning spaces and bring them to life and we've been doing that ever since! We're now regarded as experts, but of course we strive to improve our service and products all the time because nobody's perfect. What are the goals and commitments and vision behind this story? Read on....


Our goal is to enhance learning areas to assist pupil concentration, increase student enrollment and improve pupil results with up to date facilities, thereby giving students the optimum setting to achieving success.

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Pinnacle Furniture - Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Renowned for our creativity and our integrity, we will bring support and expertise to our clients. We will foster a culture of continuous improvement that will set us apart in the marketplace and provide a solid foundation for growth.

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Charity Giving and Commitment

At the heart of Pinnacle Furniture is a commitment to give back. The partners have personally committed to give to charities for the furthering of education especially in circumstances of poverty or for pupils with advanced special needs.
Objectives of the charities we support include:

  • Humanitarian aid and assistance in connection with worldwide natural disasters
  • The support of education across Europe
  • Alleviation of poverty
  • Support of medical research and assisting other charities dealing with the care of the aged, ill and disabled
  • Assisting organisations which provide life-saving services which are not supported by Government funding
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Environmental Commitment

Our environmental policy and commitment:


  • Continuous improvement in environmental performance and using the management system ISO14001:2004
  • To comply with all current environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice relevant to our industry
  • To conserve natural resources by using as little energy and water as possible, minimising waste and recycling where possible
  • To utilise recycled construction materials whenever this can be commercially justified
  • Work with our supply partners to ensure they recognise and reduce the environmental impact of their products and transportation


We also;


  • Recycle our waste, separating wood, cardboard and metal
  • Recycle all our waste paper
  • Have an energy-efficient office with smart lighting
  • Employ local staff and sub-contractors to reduce our carbon footprint

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