Children are generally up to speed with recycling and are aware of the environment but it is important this knowledge starts off in the place they are learning in and followed through in the material and design of the school they go into everyday.
Matt Hoy, Pinnacle Project Consultant

A sustainable future

Our world is changing and the impact that we have on it is more important than ever. With a focus on sustainability and social values right through our company we are transforming our business to provide FFE solutions that are Carbon Zero and support the aspirations of modern building design.

We embed and promote the social and environmental values that are so important to us through every aspect of our business practices, processes and products and believe that our sustainability journey starts here.

Designing our Products
Sustainable alternatives to our products and innovation with minimal impact
Supporting our Community
Supporting our people and helping communities thrive
Protecting our Planet
Reducing our impact on the environment and creating a better world for future generations

Designing our Products

Our product development is key to sustainability commitment and we are adapting our current product ranges to offer sustainable alternatives. All our innovation is focused on developing products that have less impact on the environment and maximise efficiencies.

  • tree-light
    Our TeacherWall, Myriad and Capacity Furniture ranges are FSC® certified. All our wood-based educational products will be FSC certified by end of 2021
  • data
    We will offer a sustainable alternative or substitute within all our product ranges by the end of 2023
  • earth-light
    By the end of 2021 we will have embodied carbon data for all our fitted furniture and our manufactured furniture ranges

Supporting our Community

A happy and healthy workforce is fundamental to our success. We want Pinnacle Furniture to be a great place to work and our people to feel valued. This extends to our wider local and educational communities.

  • cap
    Health and safety is our number one priority. We are committed to promoting a positive health, wellbeing and safety culture within our staff, both in our offices and on site
  • degree
    We support our local and educational communities with our outreach programmes and volunteering
  • location
    We understand the importance of local knowledge and we have offices and project consultants in England, Scotland and Wales to support our projects locally

Protecting our Planet

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and future-proofing for generations to come. We are improving our supply chain and production to drive efficiencies, reduce emissions and waste.

  • recycle
    We will reduce packaging, in particular plastic packaging, on our products by 95% by 2025
  • tree
    Reduce our impact on the environment by improving business efficiencies, reducing emissions and ensuring our Head Office is carbon neutral by 2030
  • earth
    Our Sustainable Purchasing Policy ensures that the products and services purchased or contracted allow us to source with integrity

Carbon journey for schools

Through working on pathfinder projects and our high-level connections with the DfE, we are well placed to analyse the role of FFE in the journey to build net zero buildings. FFE mainly contributes to the embodied carbon during the build of a school and there are a number of corporate actions we are carrying out.

The Department for Education (DfE) are working on pathfinder projects to help meet their 2050 Net Zero targets. Pinnacle are consulting on both the Passivhaus and GenZero initiatives.