Advantages of FF&E Consultancy- Cost Certainty


FF&E Consultancy. You have heard of the term, but you are not too sure what it means? In these series of blogs, we are going to explain what FF&E Consultancy entails at Pinnacle Furniture in 4 main pillars: Cost Certainty, Sustainability, Visualisation/BIM and Furniture Manufacturing along with a conclusive recap.

At Pinnacle, we specialise in FF&E and design consultancy for educational organisations and work as a sub-contractor to architects, and design & build contractors. Engaging with a specialist FF&E consultant ensures the ability to deliver a project on time and within budget. Pinnacle offer an experience-led design team and offer a blend of our own products and a European wide supply chain that produces bespoke products. As a hybrid organisation, we obtain the brief, budget and statutory compliance and develop from this the FF&E requirement that meets all three elements.

We are different to other FF&E Consultants because we are also a manufacturer. This ensures there is a continual improvement loop from factory, installations on-site and design team that is feeding cost improvements, design suggestions, material and lead -time amendments. As a result, our costs and designs are based on real-world feedback and are accurate, based on real products and the latest cost information ensuring absolute certainty.

Cost Certainty

As well as creating an inspiring and efficient design for an educational environment, cost is of course a key factor that controls the scope and potential of a design. By following the project from start to finish we engage early with stakeholders such as Teachers, Head of Departments, Bursars, Head Teachers, Governors and Pupils to assure that ourselves and the client understand the vision and budget for the project and gather all relevant information. We deliver the entire package to ensure accurate budget figures throughout the process and a design that exceeds the aspirations of the client. We also have the capability to work on complex schemes where the M&E coordination with the FF&E is critical for a successful delivery of the product, meaning we reduce any possible risks from the start.

Find out more about FF&E Consultancy in our video here.