Advantages of FF&E Consultancy- Final Round-up


Over the past few months, we evaluated the numerous advantages of selecting Pinnacle’s FFE Consultancy service. We identified factors such as Cost Certainty, Sustainability, Visualisation, Furniture Manufacturing and Specialist Packages and how they can benefit your project. Here is a conclusive recap of the 5 main pillars and what they each entail…

1.Cost Certainty

Cost Certainty is an important factor that affects the scope and potential of a design. At Pinnacle, we deliver the entire FFE package from initial stakeholder meetings with Bursars, Head Teachers, Governors etc. to the final sign-off. By delivering the entire package, we ensure accurate budget figures throughout the process and can work on complex schemes where the M&E coordination with FFE is critical for a successful delivery, helping to reduce potential risks.

2. Sustainability

Pinnacle are members of the FIRA which means our products are safe, legal, fit for purpose and tested to applicable standards. We are also working towards FSC Chain of Custody Certification so all our products can be sourced with FSC in mind.

Through our design and specification knowledge and experience, we can also help specify the right FFE for BREEAM credits. This is a relatively complex area as specialist equipment is required for technical spaces like Science Laboratories and DT workshops. We are committed to preventing pollution and complying with all relevant environment legislation for a sustainable future.

Another key factor of our sustainability commitments is that we manufacture entirely in the UK which offers considerable environmental advantages when compared to suppliers who import. We also offer legacy surveys and assessments to enable as much used furniture to be repurposed or donated to charitable organisations. Furthermore, we only manufacture and specify furniture that contain recycled content and comply with BS EN Standards for low VOC emissions.

3. Visualisation

We have excellent in-house visualisation capabilities and are confident we can provide an innovative solution to meet design requirements. We use colour schemes, mood boards, 2D plans, 3D visuals, material samples and layouts to illustrate our proposal and strive to push the boundaries of creativity. Throughout the design process, we encourage clients to collaborate and contribute their own ideas.

As a company, we have a wealth of knowledge in BIM and Revit as we have an expert in-house design team who utilise BIM to integrate drawings with each stakeholder of a project. The early integration of FFE in the 3D model enables full visualisation of the FFE within a 3D space, enhancing the end user’s comprehension of how the FFE will function before the building is on-site. To fully showcase multiple design options, we additionally utilise visual and electronic aids including VR walkthroughs to propose 3D layouts. Our real-time walkthroughs enable us to change colours and finishes instantly in game real-time rendering.

4. Furniture Manufacturing

Pinnacle are the only genuine hybrid between a FFE Consultant and a FFE manufacturer in the UK. This unique business model enables us to scale rapidly and cope with the seasonality of the industry. This means our product offering is very competitive and our lead-times are consistent. We are accredited NEUPC & SUPC framework members which confirms we are part of a collaborative framework who aim to provide the best furniture solutions for educational establishments. Our Capacity Storage Range and TeacherWalls contain some of our bestselling furniture products because of their flexibility, durability, and ease of installation. As part of our commitment to our clients, we offer a Soft-Landings program to ensure that the end users can maximise the use of the equipment and furniture installed.

5. Specialist Packages

As educational specialists, we understand the teaching curriculum and how it can impact the specification of FFE for specialist packages. We take total design responsibility for the products, meaning the coordination is much simpler for the client and makes the M&E and IT coordination more cohesive. We also now offer catering and commercial kitchen consultancy as part of our FFE consultancy.

In summary, if you decide to choose Pinnacle, we will deliver an outstanding design solution for your school, college or university and are competitive in our pricing. Most importantly, the dedication and quality we will bring to your refurbishment journey will maximise the potential of your learning space.

For more information on our FFE Consultancy, contact our friendly team today!