Advantages of FF&E Consultancy- Furniture Manufacturing


In this fourth blog of the series, we will explore the advantages of our business model. We will explain how, as a furniture manufacturer and an FFE Consultant, we can bring tangible benefits to your project.

Advantages of our Business Model

Pinnacle are the only genuine hybrid between an FFE consultant and an FFE manufacturer in the UK. This unique business model enables us to scale rapidly and cope with the seasonality of the industry whilst maintaining control and a low overhead base. This means our product offering is very competitive and our lead-times are consistent.

The advantages of our business model are as follows:

1) As a manufacturer we have an accurate product cost base to work from at initial project stages – Many FFE consultants use generic products and costs which mean initial budgets are not as accurate and potentially can be misleading

2) We have significant communication and speed benefits because we are a single company and team taking the FFE from design to delivery – Because we use actual products for the consultancy phase, if we are selected to deliver the FFE there is no time consuming re-design needed while another partner comes onboard and replaces generic place-holders with specific products

3) We are capable of working on complex schemes where the M&E coordination with the FFE is critical for a successful delivery of the product – As a manufacturer, we know the detail of the products and designs we are building. We are also able to create non-standard products. This has a significant benefit on complex schemes where the detail of interfaces such as M&E can be finalised at an early stage with a partner who understands the detail of the FFE

4) Our Drawings, Schedules, Specifications and Product book is provided for competitive market testing and transparency – Our FFE Consultancy service is a stand-alone offering. Upon completion of the consultancy phase all information is provided for market testing and there is no obligation to use Pinnacle for the delivery and installation of the FFE package

As a hybrid company our FFE Consultancy is very well priced as it is not the sole profit driver for our company. We are able to support a significant design capacity with 7 FFE Revit Designers, 2 Interior Designers and 3 Technical Designers to work at pace throughout the CEM process.

Our Product Range

You can be certain that all our products are fit-for-purpose and will meet your needs and budget as well as supporting your student’s learning. Pinnacle are members of FIRA (The Furniture Industry Research Association) which gives our clients confidence that our products are safe, legal, and fit for purpose and tested to applicable standards.

Pinnacle are also accredited NEUPC & SUPC framework members, meaning that we are trusted furniture suppliers for further and higher education. Our membership confirms we are part of a collaborative framework who aim to provide the best furniture solutions to educational establishments.

Our Capacity Storage Range and TeacherWalls are one of our best sellers and provide paramount learning support in a variety of educational environments. TeacherWall combines storage with learning aids and technology to support modern teaching and our Capacity Storage Range has several unique features to increase durability and enhance speed, ease of installation and access to services. Watch the videos in our Resources section here!


One of the many benefits of Pinnacle being a manufacturer is that we offer lower prices, more control over lead-times and quality, along with flexibility over finishes and accurate costings. As a company, we also have exclusivity to a comprehensive range of furniture and can source from majority of key brands, UK and worldwide.

Quality and Sustainability Assurance

We manufacture entirely in the UK, which offers considerable environmental advantages when compared to suppliers who import. Most of our raw materials are made in the UK as well, ensuring that furniture has travelled the minimal distance reducing our carbon footprint. Any key furniture manufacturing partners are committed to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and any organisation that we work with must have an established track record in environmental standards, quality, service, delivery reliability, standards of support to us, and aftersales and warranty commitments.

More about our environmental commitments can be found in our Advantages of FF&E Consultancy- Sustainability blog here.

Soft-Landings Programme

As part of our commitment to our clients, we offer a Soft-Landings program to ensure that the end users can maximise the use of the equipment and furniture installed. Specialist training is available for our Fume Cupboards, DT Equipment, and other specialist elements. Pinnacle take a keen interest in supporting and facilitating any post-occupancy evaluations to maximise our learning and understanding of how occupants are utilising the furniture and equipment.


Our performance as a furniture manufacturer, including our products and pricing, is successful, competitive, and comprehensive; however, when the benefits of this are combined with our market-leading FFE consultancy, it is clear that Pinnacle have a unique offering as a key project partner.