Advantages of FF&E Consultancy- Specialist Packages


In this extra blog of the series, we explain the advantages of our Specialist Design Packages and why it sets us apart from the competition.

A key advantage of choosing Pinnacle Furniture for your specialist packages is that we take total design responsibility for products such as Art and DT Equipment, Sports Equipment, Fume Cupboards, Bleacher Seating, AV, Lighting Rigs/Staging elements, and most recently Commercial & Catering kitchens.

Photo of a dark room/photography studio from Barking & Dagenham College

The co-ordination is much simpler with one company designing the entire FFE package, including all the specialist elements, and it makes the M+E and IT integration more cohesive. As educational specialists, we understand the teaching curriculum and how it can impact the specification for FFE for specialist packages.

DT rooms at Richmond upon Thames College

Catering kitchens can be a challenge for many contractors due to their specific requirements for education and the heavy M+E interface, Pinnacle have recently recruited an FFE designer to our in-house team who has specific professional experience in catering and commercial kitchens. Offering the commercial kitchen consultancy as part of our FFE Consultancy has proven to be very popular as this was a frequent pain point for our contractor clients.

3D render of a recently designed café/kitchen space