Advantages of FF&E Consultancy- Visualisation


In this third instalment of our 5-part series, we explore the benefits of visualisation in the FF&E design process. At Pinnacle, we have in-house visualisation capabilities and are market-leaders in the FF&E Consultancy sector.  Visualisation is a great way to bring clarity to all stakeholders of a project because it allows them to engage and understand the design scheme. For example, teachers who may not be familiar with MME plans instead are able to experience and interact with a realistic visual of a room. Therefore, Visualisation tools communicate what the designer is trying to achieve clearly and effectively.

Pinnacle recently secured a project with Broxbourne School and are currently working with Mid Group construction on-site. We created visuals for the various aspects of the project including a food hall, food room, art room and science laboratories. See what we could do for your project by viewing the slider below:

A carefully considered design strategy is essential to support a client’s vision and will greatly improve the practicality and aesthetics of a space. As educational specialists, you can be confident that Pinnacle will provide a solution to meet your design requirements. We use colour schemes, mood boards, 2D plans, 3D visuals, material samples and layouts to illustrate our proposal and help you make choices about your project. We will also work with colours and designs that you have in mind and consider the building style and features to create a proposal unique to each client. More than this, our designers strive to push the boundaries of creativity to deliver outstanding projects every time.


Throughout the design process, we encourage clients to review and contribute their own ideas so that the result is a collaboration of professionalism and individuality. We utilise a variety of design tools such as Gantt timelines, Space plans, Mood boards, 3D models, Photo realistic visuals, Virtual reality, Product samples, Finish samples, Showroom visits and previous project visits to really help the client understand the possibilities of their space and how we have successfully achieved this in previous projects. Integrity is one of our core values at Pinnacle, so we ensure total transparency through the process as drawings, schedules, specifications, and product books are provided for competitive market testing.


As a company, we have a wealth of knowledge and a broad skillset, including an expert in-house design team and Revit Technicians. Our Revit Technicians utilise BIM to integrate drawings with each stakeholder of the project, including architects, mechanical and electrical engineers, structural engineers, and contractors. BIM provides better and more accurate coordination of furniture, fixtures, and equipment with the buildings structure, service locations and ICT requirements. Our BIM Level 2 compliance allows for collaboration and easy clash detection between packages. The early integration of FF&E in the 3D model enables full visualisation of the FF&E within a 3D space, enhancing the end user’s comprehension of how the FF&E will function before the building is on-site. Drawings for a typical project will include 2D plans, elevations, and 3D views of each space within the building all derived from the single 3D model. Our Rendering tool also has excellent integration with Revit to achieve fast and accurate visuals from Revit models.

VR Walkthroughs

To fully showcase multiple design options, we utilise visual and electronic aids including VR walkthroughs to propose 3D layouts to clients. Our real time walkthroughs enable us to change colours and finishes instantly in game real-time rendering. VR also helps to bring a project to life as the client feels fully immersed in the prospective design and feel like they are really walking through the environment. From their feedback, the design is then adapted and refined to suit the unique requirements of the project and helps move the client through the journey to reach a final design package. View our video below to experience our VR in action!