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18 New Free Schools To Benefit British Education


The Government has committed itself to opening 500 new free schools by 2020 which will create a total of 270,000 places for students.

On 2nd September, David Cameron pledged that he would “not waver” in his promise to open these 500 schools, and the Government announced that the first 18 ventures have got the green light to join the 252 existing free schools, and the 52 new schools that will open their doors this September.

These future 18 new schools will create a further 9,000 student places across England, making the new schools programme the most successful ever, since its inception in 2010.

“Free schools” are set up by teachers, charities, parents and existing schools to supply the demand from communities where there is a lack of choice for schools or where there simply are not enough places for students to enrol.  The latter is evidently the most common problem as 74% of existing free schools have been set up in areas where more places were needed.  Also, around 50% of these have been set up in some of the most deprived communities in the country, and 17% of all these free schools are dedicated to special needs.  This means that children with learning difficulties and disaffected children are getting more help than ever before.

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