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5 Ideas For An Agile Learning Environment


The right type of furniture can change a once static space into a fully flexible environment, to meet the needs of the individual and the task in hand.  The set-up of a classroom can have a huge influence in how students perform and retain information.

Here are 5 ideas to help create an agile learning environment:

Tablet chairs

These will enable students to work anywhere in the classroom whether the task be collaboratively or individually based. Chairs with tablets will eliminate the need for tables which makes them ideal for smaller classrooms.

Chairs from our Colt, Succeed2 and Fleet ranges have the option to incorporate a tablet.


FlexiTable Tilt

These tables can tilt and with the added bonus of being on casters, they can be tilted and pushed away to one side of the room should you need to use the space for other activities. They are also available in various shapes including semi-circular and rectangular.



A TeacherWall combines storage with learning aids such a TV, smart board or wipe board. They can be fully customised to suit your needs and space available, making them the ultimate solution for the classroom.


Chairs on casters

These chairs allow students to move from one workstation to another, allowing them the flexibility of working in multiple areas within a space.  Casters also allow freedom of movement of the chair, and help to prevent scratches or damage to flooring!

Chairs from our Colt, Postura Plus and ErgoFlex ranges have the option to add on casters.


Tables on casters

These tables are perfect if you require the ability to quickly reconfigure a classroom. For instance, for group activities the tables could be wheeled to different sides of the room ensuring each group can work together.

Tables from our FlexiTable range have the option to add on casters.

For more information on the benefits of an agile learning environment, read our whitepaper called ‘Agile Learning in a Classroom Environment’.

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