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A Green Year For Pinnacle


During 2015, Pinnacle kept track of how environmentally friendly they were by collecting reports from waste disposal companies, to see how much of our waste was recycled. We don’t have a record for every month as a skip isn’t required for every project, but from the statistics we do have, we’ve got some pretty impressive results – if we may say so ourselves!


Month Total Tonnage Approx. Tons Recycled       % Recycled
March 3.49 Tons 3.27 Tons 94%
July 3.7 Tons 3.45 Tons 93%
August 11.76 Tons 11.24 Tons 96%
October 1.73 Tons 1.73 Tons 100%
November 1.94 Tons 1.78 Tons 92%
December 9.84 Tons 9.35 Tons 95%


As you can see from the tables, we consistently recycled between 90 – 100%, even in the busy summer months! One project won the prize where we recycled a whopping 5.45 tons of waste!

3.58 Tons recycled from the project at Hailsham Community College!

We are committed to being green in the work we carry out and we feel we successfully fulfilled this aim throughout 2015.

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