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A Guide To Sixth Form Furniture


A well-designed sixth form common room is vital to attract students and create a good first impression for parents and students alike.  A comfortable common room encourages students to use the area to relax and recharge, as well as assisting them in their studies.  A carefully planned space will have a variety of furniture to ensure it is enjoyable to use and supports different study styles and methods.  You may wish to consider the following components for your sixth form common room:

Sixth Form Furniture

Easy Seating

Comfortable seating is vital for relaxation and casual studying, and each sixth form should have a variety of seating to suit every individual preference and style of studying. Sixth form areas usually have modular seating due to its flexibility, however, many breakout areas have upholstered banquette seating which can also double as a dining area. One practical tip is to have mostly sturdy but lower cost seating with a few higher cost pieces to add some design flair, creating a stunning common room at an affordable price.

Acland Burghley
Tranquil and Cosmo modular seating upholstered in Panaz Microvelle fabric in Acland Burghley sixth form centre

Single Chairs

Single chairs, often upholstered, are a versatile type of seating as they can be either grouped around tables or pulled up to other easy seating. They are far more versatile than sofas and come in many shapes, sizes and prices to suit every common room. Single chairs can also be paired with study tables which enable students to carry out written project work by themselves or in groups with other students.

North Bridge House
North Bridge House common room includes upholstered easy chairs in Panaz Contour Velvets


Tables are an essential component to enable students to work on written studies and group projects. They can come in many different shapes, sizes and heights – circular or rectangular, coffee or bistro, large or small, we can find the perfect table for any common room. Tables from our Tilt range are highly versatile and allow a room to be totally cleared, which enables other activities to take place. Also, modular tables such as our Byte and circular tables can be placed together for group projects or moved apart to allow individual study.

Heathfield School
Heathfield sixth form common room features the new Curve high bench, circular tables, rectangular IT work stations, study carrels, IT benching and rectangular tables to suit the banquette seating

Library Shelving

Books can be used for both studying and relaxing, both of which happens in the common room. It is usually a large area and this makes it an ideal extra resource area outside the library. You can add colour and interest to the space by including bright display shelves.

Christ The King
Christ The King College has walnut library shelving in their common room with lime and bright pink metal shelves

Sixth Form Areas

Dining Area

Some common rooms allow food but others have a separate dining area and ban food and drink (apart from water!) in the common room area. A dining area may consist of bistro tables and stools, fixed banquette seating and tables, or freestanding tables and chairs. You can even combine elements of all of these types of seating to create an adult feel and to accommodate for different student tastes. It’s a good idea to have plastic or vinyl upholstered chairs in this area, and tables with a suitable surface to prevent food damage occurring.

Acton School
Acton High School with one-piece Ruby chairs in bright colours, paired with colourful circular and byte tables

Quiet Study Area

Common rooms also play an unofficial role as an extra study period, usually for students with important assignments to complete! A study area would usually consist of loose tables and chairs, normally tucked away from the relaxation area. This quiet study area will allow pupils to study in peace, away from noisier areas.

Christ's School
This quiet study area in Christ’s School’s common room is separated from the rest of the room with glass partitioning

Group Work Area

Often a sixth form has re-configurable tables to create a versatile environment where group tables can be created or tables can to be pushed to one side of the room to make separate study areas in the room has other uses. Our Byte and FlipTop Tilt tables provide a practical solution for flexible working areas.

Rainham Mark Grammar School
Rainham Mark Grammar School has re-configurable circular and byte tables and Silhouette seating in their group working area

IT Access/Research area

IT is a vital means of studying, research, and presenting material so it is important to have a welcoming environment for students to use. In an IT area, the most popular types of furniture are study carrels or IT benching. Our study carrel range includes a single sided option to fit against the wall, a double sided option for the centre of the room and also a circular pod. Some schools also have iPads that the children can borrow and these can be used anywhere in the room.

Heathfield School
Heathfield Community College common room has study carrels in a cherry finish with light grey worktops, paired with lime and black EN reverse cantilever chairs with grey frames

Although your sixth form might not contain each and every one of these components, it’s advisable to consider each point and whether it is necessary for your sixth form.  Please ask for an appointment if you would like one of our designers to look at space planning, furniture options, colour schemes and material choices.  We have a wealth of experience and can guide you through the planning and installation to create the perfect sixth form common room for your requirements.  Call us on 020 8641 1000 or email us at sales@pinnacle.grvytrn.co.uk.

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