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A Guide To TeacherWall Colour Schemes


TeacherWalls are coming very popular in modern classrooms due to their space-efficient storage and integrated technology.  But when you have your TeacherWall designed, what finish should you choose?  Bright and colourful or a classic wood finish?  Just one colour or a mix of different colours?  Read on to get some inspiration for a TeacherWall colour scheme to suit your classroom!

The Classic

Go for the classic Oak or Beech finish that will look good in any classroom.  This is the staple colour scheme; good-looking and traditional, it will fit it with any colour scheme.  It is perfect for a classroom with beech tables but also looks good with white tables as the photo below demonstrates. Or jazz it up with strip lighting for extra wow factor.


The Monochrome

You can’t go wrong with a contemporary grey or white TeacherWall.  This is a modern, streamlined option that is great for co-ordinating with white or grey desks in a new build project.  However, this also looks good in old buildings as the TeacherWall will blend in with its surroundings.  This is shown in the North Bridge House project below, where the building dated back to the Tudor age.

North Bridge House

The Glossy

Use gloss laminate to reflect the light for a smart, stylish ambiance.  This can look good in any classroom and is also a good choice for staffrooms as it has an adult feel.  Plus, a glossy whiteboard finish is very practical as it means you can write anywhere on the TeacherWall and not just the whiteboard!

Sudbury Primary School

The Minimalist

You can create a stylish look by adding splashes of colour to a plain white TeacherWall.  This is also cost effective as you have small amounts of coloured material which has a higher cost than wood and monochrome shades.  This same scheme could apply to a colour added to an oak teaching wall, such as a black or white border around the storage to define it and add a touch of style.

Sudbury Primary School

The Colourful

Use a colourful scheme with a quirky mix of colours for a vibrant TeacherWall.   A large amount of colour is great for brightening up lessons and inspiring students.  The image below shows a mixture of strong colours in a multi-use classroom, but pastels and softer colours could also be used to stunning effect.

Gidea Park

The Pick-and-Mix

Have fun with locker doors on teaching walls!  These have the potential for an exciting colour scheme as random doors can be coloured to reflect year groups, school colours or subjects.  A pick-and-mix scheme like the image below can have a really stunning visual effect without overpowering a space.


Which will you choose?  We also have the option for strip lighting for any TeacherWall for that added wow factor, on either a manual or sensor switch.  If you still can’t decide, or you need something bespoke, contact one of our designers for a tailored solution.  We can also fix graphics to a teacher wall for personalised storage.  Give us a call on 020 8641 1000 or email us for more information.

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