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The Importance Of Acoustics In The Classroom


Pupils gain essential knowledge by hearing and retaining what the teacher says and through conversations in the classroom.  If the listening environment is poor, pupils can struggle to learn and retain information, especially those with hearing difficulties.

The key benefits of improving classroom acoustics are;

  • Improved learning for all children – Children can spend more than half the school day just listening, so good listening conditions are essential for pupils to be fully included in school life.
  • Improved learning for pupils with additional learning needs – It is particularly important to have good classrooms acoustics for children with hearing impairments, learning difficulties, or where English is an additional language.
  • Improved behaviour – The surroundings in which children work and learn have a major impact on behaviour.
  • Reduced teacher absence – Teachers have more throat problems than other professional groups, not helped by having to project their voices over classroom noise in poor listening environments.
  • It ensures listening technology is effective – Poor acoustics can be challenging for deaf children because hearing aids cannot cut out background noise.  They amplify all noises in a classroom, not just to teacher’s voice, meaning that a deaf child may miss a lot of the words spoken by their teacher.


There are various ways classroom acoustics can be improved, such as closing windows and doors.  Absorbent ceiling tiles and wall panelling can help absorb sound and reduce echoes and reverberation.  Speak to us about our innovative VersaWall wall tile – it absorbs 40% of reverberated sound and greatly improves acoustics in classrooms.  VersaWall has a fabric front with a layer of foam beneath that accepts pins and staples for a versatile and modern display option as well as its absorption properties.  It comes in a range of colours and can be mixed or cut into imaginative shapes to create stunning designs. See below for some examples of it used;

VersaWall (1)VersaWall (2)

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