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Are You Ready For Covid Testing?


With the COVID-19 strain becoming more contagious, COVID-19 widespread testing will be introduced as a routine procedure in all secondary schools and workplaces. It is important that all schools and workplaces are set up with the correct equipment and training to manage swift and high-traffic testing for students or employees. While the vaccine is being rolled out, it is more important than ever that everyone stays safe as it could be necessary that walk-up testing booths are introduced in other public areas like supermarkets, train stations and offices.

At Pinnacle, we stock a range of easy-to-assemble products that will aid the testing process. All our products are safe, durable, and accessible to meet your requirements.

The Three-Sided Covid Testing Booth is 1.2m x 1.2m in size and has a vision panel and letterbox to allow the testing swap to be passed through. The booth is easy to assemble in under 10min and comes with hygiene screens and steel support legs.

Alongside the testing booth, we also stock a variety of add-ons and accessories including both sensor and manual Sanitiser Stations dispensing anti-bacterial gel. These could be used before and after testing to reduce any risk of infection. These are suitable for high-traffic areas.

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