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Behind The Scenes At Christ’s School


CameramanTake a look behind the scenes of our new video at Christ’s School!  The video is a tour around the new Sixth form block at Christ’s School that showcases some of the areas we recently fitted out, such as an IT suite, two science laboratories, a breakout area and a common room.  It reviews how we approach a project and the design process that is followed to provide the best solution for the customer.  The business manager, John Edwards, discusses his experience with Pinnacle during the project and the service he received, from the initial consultation to the final result.  The video also highlights the key design considerations in the different spaces and how we overcame the challenges we faced during the project.

The video really brings the case study to life, especially with the student volunteers who were filmed carrying out their normal activities which illustrate how the spaces are used.  It was very interesting to see the equipment and methods used to create the video; it was a new experience for those being interviewed but everyone did very well.  The teacher using one of the science laboratories (see below) had an impromptu interview as she loved the space and was keen to explain how the layout addressed the concerns she had when teaching in former laboratories. “I really like working in this lab and the kids from day one have absolutely loved it!”

We’re really excited to show you our first video!  Click here to see the final cut of the video or view the case study.

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