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How The Classroom Environment Can Improve Grades



A recently published report has asserted that factors in classrooms such as the colour and physical environment can increase the learning progress of primary school pupils by as much as 16% in a single year.

The report concluded that the following elements, along with others, within a learning area would have a positive effect on learning progress:

  • Rooms with varied floor plan shapes and clear breakout zones
  • Classrooms with a distinctive room design with visually interesting and engaging characteristics
  • Chairs and desks for pupils that are comfortable, aesthetically interesting and ergonomic
  • Visual diversity of the floor and ceiling to stimulate attention
  • Relatively bright colours in spots around a room, such as on the floor, blinds, desks or chairs
  • Elements that can be personalised by pupils, such as coat pegs, lockers or named drawers
  • Areas for pupil-created work to be displayed

The report collected pupil data and conducted detailed surveys of 153 classrooms from 27 schools.











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Reference: ‘Clever Classrooms’ – Summary report of the HEAD project (Holistic Evidence and Design) – Conducted by Professor Peter Barrett et al.

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