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How Can You Encourage Creativity In The Classroom?


From doctors to gardeners, we all need that streak of creativity to solve problems in order to complete a task. Agreed, in some professions, you require more of a creative mind than others but what about outside of the workplace? Relaying a story or working out how to get your car out of a tight space, both encourage an element of creativity.

It’s extremely important we nurture children’s minds from day one to set them up for the rest of their lives. Skills like problem solving and thinking outside the box can be taught in school without having to make a massive change to the academic curriculum.

Here are 4 ways a school can encourage creativity:

  • Create different zones – allow students to choose where they want to study by ensuring the layout of the classroom can be reconfigured easily. Products like tables and chairs on wheels can be moved from one area of the room to another, forming different zones without having to leave the room. For smaller sized rooms, tables that tilt could prove useful as they could be pushed up against a wall, clearing the floor area for group activities. For larger rooms, designated reading areas and collaboration points will prove useful especially for younger students as they can be utilised without having to move any furniture.
  • Let them talk – Encouraging students to discuss subjects with their peers, can open up their minds to other ideas. There could be more than one way to solve a problem and whereas one child might think of a way, another child may think of a different way. This can be done by simply setting aside 10 minutes during a lesson to discuss a particular topic within a group or in pairs. Training their minds to keep looking for more than one solution is a life skill.
  • Turn the classroom into a rainbow – maybe not literally, however, colours can trick our brains into feeling a certain way. You might want to use cooler colours in a reading corner to create a calming and soothing atmosphere. On the other hand, bright colours are perfect for art departments to help inspire and enthuse the students so that they can produce works of art. In addition, colours can be used to relay specific information to the brain and thus absorbing and retaining more content. Some psychologists conducted an experiment where they showed the participants a mixture of images in colour and in black and white. On average, the participants remembered 10% more of the coloured images compared to the black and white images1.
  • Teach in more than 1 way – in today’s world, schools have access to technology like smartboards, TVs, projectors and tablets. Gone are the days where the only way a teacher could facilitate a lesson was via a chalkboard and textbooks. Smartboards have endless possibilities such as the ability to draw 3D objects and writing freehand in a variety of colours. Not only can technology help teachers to tackle the curriculum but it shows students how technology can be used to achieve a goal. TeacherWalls are an innovate way a teacher could conduct lessons in multiple ways as they have the option to include smartboards, TVs and wipeboards.

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1) Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognitio by American Psychological Association

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