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Education around the world may differ in curriculum content, teaching methods and grading systems, but it is united through the universal power of design. Focusing on Finland, China and Tel Aviv, we can explore how design has been used in different ways to suit an educational environment and improve student learning and happiness. By looking at these inspirational spaces, Pinnacle Furniture can help suggest ways to transform your educational space into a safe, practical and inspirational environment for students.

Homely feel 

This year, The Hayarden School in Tel Aviv had a team of architects and designers help redesign a safe and homely space for the children of refugees. Through simple and cost-effective changes, the designers focused on making the school feel secure and comforting through bold colours, geometric patterns and creating private nooks and reading spaces. The home aesthetic was emphasized by installing housing tables in the hallways to create cosy areas for children to sit in groups.


At Pinnacle, our mobile Treehouse pods are a versatile and fun breakout den encompassing the atmosphere of a children’s treehouse. They can be used for collaboration between students or as an individual space to study.  These striking booths can also include a table or TV mounting bracket for multimedia use.

Creating zones

There is no doubt that when it comes to education, Finland has consistently experienced repeat success in rankings because of their investment in school and universities. Their focus on the flexibility of design is channeled through a focus in open layouts, an inclusion of soft furnishings, moveable partitions and breakout areas.



Following in Finland’s footsteps, offering flexible designs for individual student needs’ can be achieved through breaking up large study areas into smaller units. This then creates ‘zones’ within one space that can be divided into individual study, groupwork, and breakout areas. For example, incorporating a mix of seating such as our Penta, Sketch and Quadra seating range can create endless arrangements of designs for open and private arrangements and encourages creative and modern learning.

Bold is brilliant

Whilst layouts and homely details are important in design, they cannot be achieved without including colour! In China, a nursery has been created to resemble a cluster of houses connected through various paths and walkways to help alleviate a shortage of schools. Curiosity was a key factor in the design because the mini village breaks away from a repetitive school layout and encourages spatial awareness through slanted roofs, scale and individual building blocks.



Taking inspiration from China, bold colours do not have to be garish. Instead, bright walls can promote productivity and be complemented with simpler furniture for a homely feel. Equally, plainer walls can be updated with colourful or textured furnishings. To maintain continuity through your educational space, splashes of colour from a school crest can be incorporated through dining, socializing and study areas. For instance, Myriad Screens provide a practical and valuable component to desks and are available in a variety of finishes.

In summary, it is apparent that the relationship between education and design is a universal factor for educational practices around the world. With security at the forefront of school design, creating a safe environment can positively impact a student’s behavior and provides a space for students to grow and thrive.

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Photo: Children sitting in colourful booths, 2019,

Colourful booths enliven Hayarden school for children of refugees in Tel Aviv

Photo: Students sitting at desks, 2017,  

Photo: Children painting in pink classroom, 2019,

Crossboundaries designs “mini village” for kindergarten in rural China

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