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Don’t Miss Our Summer Deadline!


The question is often asked ‘When do I need to place the order for summer delivery?’ This is an important question and one that varies depending on the type and size of the order, and often on some of the actual products.  The following post is written to give you some guidance around this so you can plan ahead.

Watford Girls Grammar School
Science lab completed for Watford Girls Grammar School during Summer 2015.

Pinnacle manufacture all our own fitted furniture, including Science Laboratories, TeacherWalls, Quattro Library Shelving, and Washroom Furniture. We are currently estimating a cut-off for summer orders of 4th July 2016 for all these areas of our product range.


In 2015 the educational furniture and refurbishment sector was slightly depressed, and most manufacturers were either the same as the previous year or slightly down on volume of orders takenThis meant manufacturing capacity and on-site labour was available closer to the summer period, allowing Pinnacle to respond to some demanding lead times.

Learning Resource Centre at Peter Symonds – completed during Summer 2015.


So far in 2016 the educational market seems extremely buoyant, and as one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the marketplace Pinnacle are experiencing strong growth within the sector.   We have kept our deadline for Summer production the same as previous years, but it is critical that the key factors below are considered:

Labour – Across the entire construction industry labour is at a premium and with national unemployment at its lowest level for many years, this is only becoming more evident.  Refurbishment projects and large installations should be placed as early as possible to enable labour to be allocated to the scheme.

Manufacturing ability – due to continued streamlining of manufacturing processes Pinnacle can announce more capacity in this area than ever before. While lead-times can extend during peak periods this is most likely going to be due to material supply rather than manufacturing capacity.

Material supply –  During 2015 there were importing delays on a number of raw materials due to issues at Calais docks. While we don’t anticipate this exact issue arising again throughout the peak season, UK stocks can be reduced, causing delays on raw material while additional product is imported. It is important that any orders with non-standard finishes are placed early.

Loose Furniture – Many loose furniture items are not subject to lead-time extensions over summer, especially products which are commonly used in commercial and hospitality markets.  It is the standard classroom tables, chairs and storage units that are subject to extended lead-times due to peak demand. In response to the market demand, the educational loose furniture supply chain could potentially reach capacity before our deadline. It is essential to place loose furniture orders as early as possible to guarantee supply. Some furniture is also manufactured in Europe therefore subjected to Summer closure.

Access – As always with all orders for delivery over summer please provide full contact details for the Facilities Team that will be responsible for providing access through the summer holidays.

Classroom at Weydon School – refurbished Summer 2015.

If you would like further information, or wish to discuss an upcoming project with us, please email or call 020 8641 1000 and we will be glad to help.

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