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Emma Betts Joins Pinnacle’s Design Team


Emma Betts is Pinnacle’s new Interior Designer, and with a background in bathroom design, she is perfectly suited to ensure our projects aren’t a wash-out – pun intended. So far, her favourite project at Pinnacle has been a pastel themed library and LRC in lilac and green shades. She is obsessed with InDesign and especially loves using colour and texture in her designs (yep, sounded good to us too! – roll on the hot pink washrooms…). She also enjoys creating “multi-purpose stuff” like crazy drywipe cupboards with fold-out desks!

In her spare time Emma does a lot of walking (and a little bit of moonwalking), especially to the beach and the shops where she buys random items which she then spends time upcycling. She also has a beautiful tabby cat named Tigger, who we are dying to meet!

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