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Gaming In Education


Technology is becoming one of the most influential aspects in the classroom, particularly through devices such as interactive whiteboards, laptops and tablets. These multimedia aids step away from traditional learning methods to encourage communication and collaboration between students. Accordingly, one school has decided to adopt new methods of teaching and has introduced gaming into their educational curriculum.

Richard Cloudesley school, based in North London, specialises in education for children with physical disabilities and sensory needs. The School has introduced their gaming module to be taught alongside traditional subjects to help build the students’ social skills and resilience. More importantly, the School wants to show that inclusivity in gaming is fundamental for future developments in the industry.

Whilst gaming has been incorporated in learning formerly, experts have claimed that Cloudesley’s scheme is the first to include gaming purely for the entertainment element. As a result, students have commented that gaming has not only been fun, but has improved their confidence, communication and problem-solving skills and their overall ability to learn and thrive in other subjects.

The School wishes to share their scheme with others and wants to express how beneficial technology can be for young people with disabilities, such as adaptive controllers (see photo above) that are used in the classroom which allow schemes like this to take place.  Therefore, with technology becoming an integral feature of education, the introduction of gaming is an innovative and engaging method of teaching that encompasses the spirit of learning.


BBC News- Why gaming is coming to this school’s curriculum

Photo- Xbox Adaptive Controller, 2019, Microsoft 

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