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How Many Toilets Should Schools Have For Students And Staff?



The number of toilet facilities required within a school is set by regulations based on the age and gender of the pupils.

  • Separate toilet facilities must be provided for boys and girls aged 8 or over, unless it is in a room that can be secured from the inside and intended for use by one pupil at a time
  • Pupils aged 11 or over must have access to suitable changing accommodation and showers if they participate in physical education.
  • Separate toilet facilities should be provided for pupils who are disabled, although these can also be used by other pupils, teachers, and visitors whether they are disabled or not.

The regulations however, do not set the minimum number of fittings for the number of pupils, although an adequate provision would be one toilet and washbasin per 10 pupils under 5 years of age.  For pupils above the age of 5 years, this ratio can be doubled to one toilet per 20 pupils but the number of washbasins reduced where washing facilities are shared.

Appropriate toilet facilities need to be provided for staff which can also be used by visitors.  All facilities within a school must be adequately ventilated and lit and provide easy access which allows for informal supervision by staff.




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