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Ice Pops At Pinnacle


As temperature’s in Gatwick soared to 33 degrees, in the distance a faint ringing could be heard… slowly growing in volume until the outline of a red van could be seen appearing over the horizon.  Was it a delivery for one of Pinnacle’s summer jobs? Or was it one of the Operations Team returning from a project?

As the van drew closer it became apparent that it was, in fact, an ice-cream van.  The Pinnacle team were sent into a frenzy as they raced downstairs and out into the blistering heat and sun to grab a waffle cone, Solero or other frozen selection in a bid to cool off before heading back to bring more school designs to life over the summer.


Keep an eye out on our case studies page where you will soon be seeing images from our latest projects, including Weydon School where we previously carried out a project to create a contemporary ‘college style’ dining room for their new building.  Click here to see the previous project.


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