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Importance Of Library And IT Facilities Highlighted In Survey


A recent study has shown that library and IT facilities are more important to students than social spaces such as pubs and bars.  The student experience survey, conducted by the Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE), showed that nearly two thirds of those surveyed chose the facilities quality as being key to their university choice.

This is the third year running that study facilities came out on top, in fact, only 24% of students said that entertainment and social spaces were more important in deciding on what institution to attend.

Other important findings from the report include:

  • Students are allocating more time than before on their studies, with library facilities being the most used for 66% of UK students.
  • 59% of students surveyed said that they would be happy for more money to be spent on their educational institution to improve the facilities or estate.
  • 22% of UK students would like to see additional money spent on environmentally-friendly buildings for facilities.

The Director of Estates & Facilities at the University of Surrey, AUDE chair Trevor Humphreys, commented the following on the report:

“The data shows that students place a strong emphasis on learning facilities more so than social space but we know that the quality and adequate supply of both are very important to today’s students”

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The report was commissioned by AUDE (Association of University Directors of Estates).  The sample size was two thousand students who were surveyed based on a number of questions relating to their university choice and the factors that were most important to them, including facilities.  Further information, along with the full report, can be found at

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