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Inspiration For Dining & Breakout Spaces In Secondary Education


By the time students reach secondary education they are granted the freedom to spend some of their free time at School as they wish, so it’s important that Schools are equipped to cater for various activities such as independent studying, reading or de-stressing.

The main reason why a dining and breakout space would be utilised is to eat – however, students will want to use this time to socialise and unwind as well. It is a good idea to incorporate a mixture of seating options such as soft seating for more relaxed socialising and a well-thought out layout is essential.

To inspire you, here are a selection of products we think would make the ideal dining and breakout space:

Banquette seating

This type of seating offers a degree of privacy with the high back and forms an excellent spot to interact with fellow students. Coupled with a Myriad table, this area would sit well in a dining and breakout space where students could enjoy their lunch with minimal distractions. Our banquette seating is designed specifically for you, ensuring that it fulfills the requirements, allowing you to choose everything from the fabrics to the sizing.


Feast tables and benches

Our Feast range has a diverse variety of options including the choice of a metal or wooden frame, plus there are several colour ways and finishes available. They are extremely robust, the edges are impact-resistant, and they are easy to clean making them ideal for a School environment.


Illustrate chairs

Our Illustrate chairs are sleek and stylish, yet they are also very practical due to the fact that they can be stacked should you require the space for something else. The slim rod frame means that they won’t overpower the look of the room even if you have a large quantity of chairs. There is a wide range of colours to choose from including azure blue and apple green, instantly transforming the room to a fun, enthusing space!


Myriad tables

Our Myriad table range offers many options from different top finishes (HPL and MFC), sizes, colours and shapes. The range includes options for coffee tables, laptop tables and poseurs. The newest addition is the wooden leg dining and meeting tables which are both durable and elegant.


Quadra soft seating

The Quadra range is both fully customisable and comfortable. The options include sofas (as below), armchairs, pouffes and privacy screens. The possibilities are endless – this range can work in any area of the School regardless of the size of the space.

Don’t forget we can help you transform your space – our Design Team are experts in providing fresh and innovative design ideas to suit your needs and budget.

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