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Introducing The ErgoFlex Chair


Classroom chairs are the most important part of furniture in a learning environment as the students are in contact with them all day. Therefore it follows logic that better classroom chairs will improve the education of our children.

Peter Symonds

Unfortunately for children in the UK, classroom furniture has not really progressed in the last 50 years! Most chair moulds used to manufacture UK classroom chairs are practically identical to those used in the 1960s, and this lack of evolvement (despite the superior knowledge we now have of ergonomics) is detrimental to children. When the EU guidelines for classroom ergonomics were introduced in 2006, existing UK designs were only slightly adapted to include lumbar support to meet the EN1729 guidelines. Fortunately some companies took the time to develop all-new designs…

…And Pinnacle has the best of them all! The ErgoFlex chair is a German-made, ergonomically designed classroom chair which was created in the last four years, unlike the vast majority of moulds which have been used for decades. Despite its relatively new entrance into the market, it is already one of the top ten most popular chairs in the EU. Here’s why:

The chair has been designed with pupils of all ages in mind. The chair can be lifted in five ways, making it easy to transport. However, the main feature of the ErgoFlex chair, as the name suggests, is the way that the chair can flex and rock in all directions. This means that students can move in any direction and the chair facilitates this and adjusts to the movement, helping the student to concentrate and release excess energy.


Students can sit comfortably on this chair in a normal position as with any other classroom chair, except this chair has a channel down the centre of the back for the spine, as well as lumbar support. Doesn’t sound like rocket science? Keep reading…

The chair is also designed to accommodate three alternative ways of sitting which are equally as comfortable:

  • Students can sit perched on the front of the chair.
  • Pupils can sit sideways on the chair with one arm on the top. The sides of the chair do not have a ridge to ensure that there is nothing to cut off the blood circulation to their legs.
  • It is additionally ideal for breakout areas as students can straddle the chair backwards and rest their arms on the top, which is flat and designed to be used as an armrest.

There are air channels in a pattern across the back and seat of the chair to allow air to flow around the body in hot weather, preventing students from getting hot and restless.


ErgoFlex is also incredibly strong, yet very light as the seat is made from blow moulded polypropylene and essentially has two skins with a vacuum between, forming an almost indestructible shell. The frame is a heavier gauge steel than most classroom chairs and the tubular steel is 22mm in diameter instead of the standard 18mm. This means that the frame is extremely difficult to dent, bend or damage, ensuring your chairs stay in good condition for longer.

The chair has a patented 3-part foot design to lengthen the life of your classroom chairs:

  • There is a hard plastic casing designed to be long-lasting and tough to prevent damage and wear.
  • Below this is a soft rubber bung which ensures that if the chair is tilted in any way, the chair does not slide, preventing accidents in the classroom and protecting the floor.
  • There are also hard rubber slides to prevent wear and tear to the soft rubber during normal everyday use when chairs are pulled across the floor.


The feet can easily be replaced if you need, meaning you don’t have to buy another whole chair if one foot part gets damaged.

The range includes a whole family of products, with a standard four leg frame, a C-frame, a Z-frame and a gas lift IT swivel chair with a rocker to allow the flex motion that the C-frame and Z-frame provide. The Z-frame chair is the most popular chair however, as its modern design gives a contemporary, striking aesthetic to your classroom and it’s unconventional frame construction provides the most flexibility. It is available in a versatile range of frame and seat colours.

The ErgoFlex range is exclusive to Pinnacle and we are the only importers of this chair family into the UK. Despite the slightly higher price compared to standard classroom chairs, the ErgoFlex has a 10 year guarantee, ensuring peace of mind for you and meaning that in the long run, you save money as you have to spend less on replacements and your chairs should last a lot longer.

View the ErgoFlex range here!

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