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Maximising Space In A Classroom


With class sizes rising and evidence of little funding available to expand schools, how do we continue to teach in the same four walls?

With the Department of Education stated that 62% of state secondary Schools had more pupils per class last year compared to 20161,, this question is more relevant than ever. To highlight this fact further, the number of secondary schools with 36 children or more has trebled over the last six years2. This difference is astounding, and local authorities are having to manage the ongoing funding cuts whilst still maintaining the same high standard of teaching. Furthermore, a recent survey revealed that half of its participants reported that teaching posts had been cut and two-thirds reported that classroom assistants had been made redundant3. It seems that drastic changes need to be made now before these figures continue to increase.

So, how can Schools accommodate the additional number of pupils? That’s where Pinnacle Furniture can help. The design of the classroom is key to be able to facilitate lessons with the extra headcount. The answer is ensuring the room can be used for multiple activities, for instance, tables and chairs on casters or tilt tables can be moved to one side of the room to allow for an open plan space for an interactive session. When choosing classroom tables, consider shapes other than square – triangular and trapezoidal tables can provide the much needed space for more pupils. Another innovative way of maximising the space is by installing a TeacherWall which provides a combination of teaching aids and storage, with the option to incorporate a desk or laptop drawer for the teacher – a photo of a TeacherWall is in the image slider below.

Here are a selection of photos from our recent projects where we have transformed classrooms into flexible learning spaces without altering the size of the room:

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