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Pinnacle Furniture Becomes A Brand Of eightspace LLP



Here at Pinnacle we have some exciting news!  As of 1 June 2016, Pinnacle Furniture became a brand of eightspace LLP.

Pinnacle Furniture is a long established company selling furniture and refurbishment services to schools.  In more recent years, we decided that pupils deserve better, brighter and more inspiring learning environments.  We set out on a mission to improve their learnings spaces and bring them to life – and we’ve been doing that ever since.

In 2012 Pinnacle Furniture merged with Office Profile, adding a Commercial fit out division to the company and becoming incorporated.

Pinnacle Furniture is still 100% focused and committed to the Education sector.  Office Profile, however, specialise in workplace consultancy, office design, office fit-out and refurbishment.  Both companies share a common vision – for learning and working environments to be inspiring and practical and to enhance education, performance and staff well-being.

eightspace enables us to merge our resources across the two brands for effective and efficient delivery of products and services.  Pinnacle Furniture will remain as a brand division of eightspace and there has been no change in management, ownership or services – the only change is our increased enthusiasm for bringing learning spaces to life!

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