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Popular Pinnacle Posts Of 2015


We took a look over the last year’s blog posts to see which were read the most over the course of the year. Read on to find out which were the most popular articles, and the links are at the bottom of the page.

Starbucks style seating in a college canteen.

At the top of the list was the article written about the nine new members of staff taken on during the summer period. There’s a video showing the additions to our staff – spot the employee that reverses into the camera’s vision!

“Adopt Starbucks Design For Your Dining Hall” was a popular post detailing the design points that a school could consider in order to create a dining hall in the homely, natural style of Starbucks. We found a great image of a Starbucks store in Japan that has a matrix formed of more than 2,000 sticks, intended to make it look like the store is nestled in a tree.

Following this was our post showing a behind the scenes video of the work we did at Christ’s School – a new sixth form block refurbishment. The video covers the design considerations and brings the case study to life. The students were involved to show how the spaces are used.

“Knitted Out For Christmas” which was only recently published on 18th December 2015, was about the company’s second festive jumper day to raise money for charity. This received a lot of attention from our website visitors and has had nearly as many page views as the post about Christmas Jumper Day the previous year!

This was followed by “Design Considerations For A School Science Laboratory”, and “The Pros And Cons Of A Summer Holiday Refurbishment”, both with a similar number of page views.

“Nine New Faces At Pinnacle”

“Adopt Starbucks Design For Your Dining Hall”

“Behind The Scenes At Christ’s School”

“Knitted Out For Christmas”

“Design Considerations For A School Science Laboratory”

“The Pros And Cons Of A Summer Holiday Refurbishment”

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