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Rural Schools Expected To Receive More Money In Reform


This week, Osborne is expected to announce that the old system of state education grants is going to be replaced by a new “national rate,” according to Government sources. There will also be additional grants for schools that have high numbers of children who come from impoverished backgrounds or who have learning difficulties.


More than 100 MPs wrote to Chancellor George Osborne earlier this year as they were dissatisfied with the current funding system that grants rural schools thousands of pounds less per pupil than in urban areas. The difference is especially noticeable when looking at the amount schools receive per pupil in large cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester, compared to small rural schools in areas like North Yorkshire.

The current system has long been regarded as unfair by those living in rural areas, and the current grants are based on local decisions made around 10 years ago, so many people have been expecting the Government to change the way state education is funded and distributed. The new state education plan is anticipated to be set out as part of the Spending Review, the first the Government has made since 2010.

This reform should prove beneficial to children in rural areas across the country as they receive a fairer amount of money to better their education.

UPDATE – 25/11/2015

Today the Autumn Statement was announced and as expected, George Osborne announced that the school funding system is to be changed to become fairer for all schools across the country.

“We will phase out the arbitrary and unfair school funding system that has systematically underfunded schools in whole swathes of the country.

Under the current arrangements, a child from a disadvantaged background in one school can receive half as much funding as a child in identical circumstances in another school.

In its place, we will introduce a new national funding formula. I commend the many MPs from all parties who have campaigned for many years to see this day come.

The formula will be start to be introduced from 2017 – and my Right Honourable Friend the Education Secretary will consult in the New Year.”

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