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“Super-Size” Classes Becoming Trend In Schools


The Department for Education recently revealed that over half a million primary school pupils in the UK are being taught in classes that have more pupils than the legal limit allows. From reception to year two, the government is required to keep the limit down to 30 pupils, but statistics show that in a lot of cases, this isn’t happening.

Acland Burghley

Studies have shown that 520,445 children are being taught in classes of 31 or more, almost 40,000 are being taught in classes of over 36, and 15,000 are being taught in classes of 40 or more. These shocking numbers show that the population surge in recent years has caused schools to crowd their classrooms, and political parties are debating heatedly over whose policies and actions have caused this new problem.

The school overpopulation is not just in primary schools however. The growth in population has spread through to secondary schools, where authorities have already ascertained that class crowding is becoming a problem.

These concerning statistics show that we critically need to provide more spaces for children in areas where class crowding is a problem, otherwise the issue is only going to grow larger as the population continues to grow. Unless of course, the law changes and “super-size” classes become the norm.

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