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The Importance Of Interior Spaces In Education


Long ago were the days of rickety desks, squeaky chairs and dusty chalkboards. Learning spaces have become essential to the success of education as both students and educators are constantly immersed within teaching environments.

Whilst educational spaces can sometimes be neglected, the relationship between education and design is important because classroom design features can improve or hinder a student’s progress by up to 25 percent during a year [1]. Therefore, it is essential that students have access to a safe and comfortable environment to aid concentration and academic performance.

As explored in SPID’ article, ‘The Future of Educational Interior Design’, Peter Cunningham discusses how the requirements of educational spaces have changed. Far from grey walls and tables, classrooms should have flexible layouts and bright colours to encourage groupwork and promote organization and safety. Pinnacle Furniture aim to unite both practicality and innovation by diminishing uncomfortable furniture and offering both new and vibrant products to facilitate a learning environment both functional in design and exciting in appearance.

For example, Pinnacle’s Sculpt seating can be tailored towards the accessibility of computers and resources, ideal for libraries and large study areas. The curved design breaks away from a traditional linear row format and can be adapted with Quattro library storage.

Equally, our Voovoo box and TeacherWalls function as a modern teaching tool because they streamline space and allow for interactive and immersive education. Our TeacherWalls can be modified to fit classroom needs, combining both storage facilities and the option for a desk or laptop drawer. Opting for comfort? Our Voovoo seating range is colourful and stylish, providing an area for quiet group studying.

Overall, it is safe to say that educational spaces are important in aiding a student’s learning environment. With collaboration at the forefront of education, learning spaces should be freely accessible, multifunctional and creative. Need help transforming your space? Our design team are always here to help.

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