The Principles of Educational Environments


Educators around the world are quickly realising that the environment of a classroom has a significant impact on the academic achievement of each student. Neuroscience shows that the hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls our memory, absorbs learning better when the experience is active.

Mark Osborne has been a leading global educator for over 20 years, working with schools to maximise the potential of their learning space – “my mission is to help schools become awesomeness incubators. I help them build great places to learn and the capacity to use those spaces well.” Armed with the knowledge gained along the way, Obsborne has identified some key principles for the design of learning environments, which are:

  • Strong connection to the outdoors
  • Optimal heat, light, acoustics and ventilation
  • Furniture that supports cooperative and collaborative learning
  • Comfortable furniture to support concentration and reflection
  • Breakout spaces connected to classrooms
  • A variety of learning zones (such as direct instruction, collaboration, individual study and investigation)
  • Large accessible displays for information and celebration of student learning
  • Furniture that promotes movement and physical activity
  • Connection, transparency and openness throughout the learning spaces
  • Appropriate accessible storage that maximises the amount of learning space
  • Uncluttered spacious use of furniture
  • Three acoustic zones; quiet study, normal conversation classroom level and group brainstorm activity zone.

Our Research and Development Program

Pinnacle Furniture has always been committed to providing products which aid creativity and learning. We invest over 3% of our annual turnover on our Director-led Research and Development program. This program has led to us developing and manufacturing innovative products such as our TeacherWall Range, Capacity Storage Range for Science and Technology Laboratories, Horizon Booths, Quattro Library Shelving, Myriad Desking and the Feast Tables and Seating Range.

Read the full whitepaper here.

Our Design Team are experts in creating learning environments and they can assist you in selecting the right furniture for the areas required. To see how we could help you, contact us by clicking here or via the form at the bottom of this page.

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