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The Pros And Cons Of A Summer Holiday Refurbishment


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At Pinnacle we carry out many school refurbishment projects during the summer holidays each year, but there are several factors that schools may not have considered before making this decision.  Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of scheduling refurbishments during the summer holidays:


  • Students will return to newly refurbished areas for the start of the year
  • There will be no students at the school, and no lessons that may be disturbed
  • It is easier to move materials around the school site as areas will be clear
  • Weather is typically better which can make certain works easier to carry out
  • Water and electricity services can be isolated easily without causing disruption


  • Money may be saved by refurbishing during term-time. Some contractors offer term-time discounts and skilled labour costs can be up to 35% higher during the holidays
  • Contractors are busier during the summer holidays and so there may be less choice of what date works can commence or when deliveries are scheduled
  • Key contacts within the school may be harder to contact if a decision needs to be made and it may be harder to ensure that someone is on site to open up
  • Lead-times on products can be unpredictable in the summer due to it being peak demand time
  • Schools often set a rigid completion date of the end of the summer holidays which leaves no flexibility for any unknowns that may occur during a refurbishment project

Pinnacle is a specialist school refurbishment contractor and we are used to working during the term-time with minimal disruption to students or teachers.  With this in mind, it may be just as easy to have refurbishment work carried out during the term-time, or during the Easter, half term, or Christmas Holidays when it is typically less busy for suppliers and contractors.

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Kent College Library



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