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Well Done Team Pinnacle!


As a company committed to client care, leading the educational furniture industry in quality of product and service, Pinnacle Furniture launched a Client Feedback Scheme in April 2016 so we could measure in a tangible and on-going way client satisfaction.

We hand out client feedback forms with the delivery of every order and at every project handover and as a company we have been measuring the results…  The good news?   Over the past 6 months 94.7% of eightspace clients said they would recommend us as a company!

Well done Team Pinnacle, and thank you to our customers, we are looking forward to building on our success going forwards…

Dave Stanley presenting Undershaw School with cricket equipment following the completion of our recent project with them

We have based our customer feedback scheme on the globally recognised Net Promoter Score (NPS) https://www.netpromoter.com/know/ and we have a NPS of 93.8% since we launched this project.

Benchmarking NPS is difficult as not every company uses this measure and some companies don’t publish their score, market research specialists state the following broad-brush benchmarks:

  • NPS Score of 30+:  A reasonable benchmark for service companies and companies with a high service content in their offer, high-tech companies, professional services companies, small and medium-size companies, good merchants and distributors.
  • NPS Score of 20-30:  A reasonable benchmark for manufacturing companies of all types and large corporates.

Against this level of score the Pinnacle Furniture NPS score is virtually Euphoric!!  So what is our secret?

  • Stay near our Mission to work with our clients as a Trusted Partner
  • Build on our foundations as a family business, proud of our proactive and capable team
  • Don’t take anything for granted!!  This isn’t the holy grail!  We have to strive for further   continuous improvement.
 Benchmark Source – https://www.b2binternational.com/research/services/customer-loyalty-research/net-promoter-score-nps/

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