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YouGov Report Highlights Need For Better Teaching Spaces


A concerning poll released by YouGov revealed that more than half of teachers are thinking about leaving the teaching profession in the next two years. So what do teaching environments have to do with the crisis facing UK schools?

Although it is not the main reason why teachers say they want to leave the profession, a teaching space can have a huge impact on a teacher’s desire to stay in her or his job. Some schools have incorporated temporary buildings (such as sheds) onto their campuses to allow more teaching space due to the boom in pupil numbers over the last few years. However, as a result of budgetary constraints, these areas are usually small and cramped and are highly likely to have a detrimental effect on teacher’s wellbeing and happiness. This, in turn, will also affect their ability to teach innovative, fun and educational lessons if they don’t have the space to do so and therefore are demotivated.

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Rearranging the layout in a classroom alone could transform a teacher’s life by making it easier to teach. More open walkways around the tables means that the teacher can keep the class’s attention by walking around and interacting with them as they move and teach. Being able to stand anywhere in the room also means that the teacher can supervise the children more closely and manage them better, ideal for schools with high numbers of children who cause problems on a frequent basis.

Incorporating technology into the classroom also widens the avenues of teaching and allows a much broader range of resources and activities to be available to the teacher. This means that lessons can be made far more engaging for pupils and this makes the teacher’s job more stimulating and motivating also.

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Below are a couple of our posts that will help you design your classroom areas to maximise the potential of the space and make the classroom stimulating for both students and teachers alike.

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