Capacity Storage Range Now FIRA Tested


The Capacity Storage range from Pinnacle Furniture has recently been tested by FIRA International against the BSEN16121:2013 standards to Level 2 Extreme Contract Use.  The range passed the extremely stringent testing which comprised of three main components:

  • General Safety – this checks that there are no sharp edges, potential finger pinch points, exposed fixings or any other basic manufacturing issues.
  • Stability – this is to ensure that the units are fixed firmly to the wall and to each other, and tests involve monitoring the force required to pull the units from the wall and the downward pressure needed to make the units collapse.
  • Structural Testing or Durability – this is in a sense the most critical part of the testing and gives expected lifecycles and strength levels to the products.

To give some perspective to the structural testing, some of the details are below:

  • 80,000 door opening and closing cycles, this equates to every door being opened 10 times per day during term time for 45 years!
  • Each shelf is loaded up with 70kg (the equivalent of an average adult chimpanzee) for 7 consecutive days and then measured to ensure it doesn’t exceed bowing regulations.
  • 30kg (equivalent of 53 basketballs) is put on top of the cupboard door and opened and shut 10 times.

We are very proud that all our units have passed this testing and it demonstrates our ongoing commitment to quality and value for money.

To find out more information on our capacity storage range, or the FIRA testing process, call us on 020 8641 1000 or email us at