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de Stafford School

de Stafford School approached Pinnacle with the task of refurbishing their washrooms, which included stripping out the old fittings and supplying and installing new washroom furniture.

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The Brief

The colour scheme chosen was deep red and grey, which coordinated with the school’s colours. In both washrooms we removed all the old furniture and fittings and safely disposed of it, including the ceiling tiles! We had to redecorate and carry out preparation work, so we painted the washrooms, replaced the old ceiling tiles, and laid down new vinyl flooring in a pale grey shade which complemented the colour scheme well and kept the rooms looking light and airy.

We then installed solid grade laminate (SGL) cubicle partitions in dark grey and the doors and duct panelling were a deep red. Solid grade laminate is known for its strength and durability, and due to its imperviousness, it is ideal for washrooms. This means that the washrooms can be used for years to come without having to be replaced due to being damage through student use.

What we did

The vanity unit front panels were red to match the doors and the main panel matched the cubicle dividers in dark grey, which looked smart and modern. We also fitted a splash back behind the vanity unit in the girls’ washroom to protect the wall from water damage.

We had previously removed the toilet pans to be used again so we re-installed them and fitted new seats, and in the boys washrooms we also supplied urinals. We also installed semi-recessed vanity basins with push taps which are good to prevent flooding as the tap stops after a few seconds of operation, which means that students cannot leave the tap running, whether intentionally or by mistake. These taps are also are more environmentally friendly as they encourage students to use only the necessary amount of water, and this also saves the school money.

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