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Emanuel School

The architect for Emanuel School asked Pinnacle to help design a scheme for their science laboratories that in subsequent years they could roll out across the school in a phased refurbishment program

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The Brief

The brief was quite demanding as the laboratories were on the third floor and the building was very old yet the school needed a clean and efficient teaching environment.  By working extensively with the builder, architect and school throughout the concept design process and drilling into the detail of the furniture, the final result exceeded the school’s expectations.

Composite stone ensures chemical resistant, durable worktops throughout the labs while the sink lids enable maximum flexibility for use of the worktops.  A unique design includes bespoke student storage under each workbench enabling the peninsulars to be used for practical and theory teaching.  The Form stools were chosen as they stack very well while also sliding onto the worktop to facilitate cleaning.

What we did

Finishes are very important in any environment but especially in a laboratory where the furniture is the dominant item in the space. The light maple panels work very well with the soft cream worktop ensuring a soft yet clean feel to the space.

Mobile, re-circulatory fume cupboards ensure that no dangerous substances are discharged into the labs and the ductless construction allows the units to easily be moved around when demonstrating to the students.

The first two laboratories were commissioned in 2013 and since then we have carried out subsequent work at the school.

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