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Harrow College

Pinnacle were approached by Harrow College who required help in achieving their vision for their new build Enterprise Centre.  The client wanted to create a flexible and adaptable workspace in their IT area and other learning zones.

The aim was to create a zoned yet open plan area that it was easy for teachers to supervise, to promote collaborative learning and include a bright interior design scheme.   The client especially wanted to move away from a fixed or traditional classroom.  With the IT rooms they didn’t want a fractured series of IT zones that could contaminate each other’s learning – they needed them to be engaging and aspirational.

The client stressed their want for the areas to have ‘no straight lines’ and so we chose our Sculpt product for the IT areas.  Sculpt screens can be configured in a variety of ways to provide study workspaces for a number of applications.  This range is idea for IT areas as it allows the room to be visually divided into zones while still allowing full supervision by a teacher.   The screens were in a striking orange colour with a modern contrasting white worktops.  We varied the heights and radii of the curved screens to add a visual interest to the room.  Underneath the worktops we installed cable management trays to ensure that the areas looked clear and not cluttered by hanging wires.  Having open plan and bright areas such as this allows the students to be more flexible and should encourage them to collaborate with others during lessons.

ErgoFlex chairs are used through all areas of the building that we were involved with.  ErgoFlex chairs are one of the top ten most popular chairs for education in the EU due to its innovate and ergonomic design.  They have been designed with pupils of all ages in mind.  As the product name suggests, the chair can flex and rock in all directions, meaning that students can move in any direction and the chair will adjust to this, helping them to concentrate and release excess energy.  Find out more about the ErgoFlex chair and its state-of-the-art features by reading our recent blog post here.  The ErgoFlex range is exclusive to Pinnacle and we are the only importers of this chair family in the UK.

Several smaller breakout and working areas are positioned across the first and second floor in the Enterprise Centre.  One of these features our refuge high-back seating for students to relax on during breaks in lessons.  Forum tables surrounded by ErgoFlex chairs are also available for use for group collaborative work.  Trapezoidal and rectangular flexitables are used in the classroom areas and are coloured in orange to match the IT areas.

On the second floor is a large sculpt seating module with upholstered seat covers.  In front of this is a large circular HPL table top.  This is perfect for group work or for one on one discussions with teachers.   The finished configuration looks excellent and eye-catching even from further distances.

Throughout the design process 3D visuals were used to allow us to convey our concepts efficiently to the client and get his feedback.  The design team also used specialist software to carry out space planning that takes into account the current legislation.  This is important to ensure a safe and functional learning environment that takes into account working distances and potential mobility issues.

We think that the finished areas look fantastic and we hope that they enable the students to collaborate effectively and that the rooms facilitate modern and current pedagogy.

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