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The refurbishment of the 5th floor science laboratory at Kingston College was being carried out by a contractor. The college retained control of the furniture installed in the laboratory by appointing Pinnacle Furniture to design and supply the laboratory furniture.

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The Brief

It was very important to Kingston College that the scheme was co-ordinated by an educational furniture specialist so they could have confidence in the layout and design.  Following our successful bid, we worked closely with the college to produce manufacturing drawings for the furniture and ensured that there was seamless co-ordination between the services installed by the main contractor and the furniture installed by Pinnacle.

The final design of the laboratory incorporated four islands, each seating up to 8 students.  The unique construction of the islands with overhanging worktops on all 4 sides presented a challenge to the design team, as the worktops were granite and there was a considerable weight load.  A shallow framework was built to support the worktops that transferred the weight down through the centre of the islands without constricting the knee space for the students.

What we did

The perimeter storage to the laboratory was built in around pillars and provided tray and cupboard storage along with a belfast sink and an IT station for the teacher.  A mobile table provided a flexible teacher point that in the photos is shown between the two fixed islands directly in front of the TeacherWall.  The TeacherWall is situated where all students can see it and the whiteboard and sliding whiteboard doors provide ample teaching surface for projection and writing. The burgundy backboard installed in the TeacherWall recess is an acoustic paneling to help reduce reverberation and can also be used for displaying learning material.

There were considerable logistical challenges involved in carrying out a project on the 5th floor of the building, not least transporting the extremely heavy granite worktops for the islands up 5 flights of stairs!  However, the end result with a clean and mature colour scheme made this an excellent teaching facility and a project that Pinnacle are proud to have been involved in.

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