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Peter Symond's College

Peter Symonds College approached us along with the architect to fit out their Learning Resource Centre. They wanted a light, airy atmosphere that made the area look spacious and created a welcoming environment for students to study.

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The Brief

The College offers access courses for older students so the area needed to be suited to adult tastes, as well as having suitable furniture for larger occupants.  The architect had chosen grey carpet with a light green speckle pattern, along with a feature green carpet strip distinguishing two areas – one an IT benching area and the other area for individual study pods. We tied in the chairs with the colour scheme as well as providing ergonomic seating for adults with ErgoFlex swivel chairs in lime green.

For the IT benching area, there were less windows than in the other study area, and the College wanted us to ensure there was as much visibility and light as possible. They wanted the separate IT booths to have light to make it easier to concentrate when studying, instead of being stuck in a dark box. We had to find a solution to allow as much light as possible to flow through the area, so we installed frosted glass partitions between each computer station. These give each student privacy to work but still allow natural light to pass through.

What we did

The client wished to include some bright cyan in the area along with the lime green, and we incorporated this in two ways. Firstly, we supplied networking pods with white desk tops and cyan partitions which provided a vibrant contrast to the green chairs. These networking pods are available in a number of different configurations to suit any educational study area, and the College chose six configurations of six, providing 36 private spaces for students to study. The other place where we included the cyan was on the fitted IT benching, where we designed white tops with cyan PVC edging. This looked smart and subtle and provided interest to the modern white benching.

We also installed a modern curved desk with inset navy blue acrylic panels as a receptionist’s desk. The low height and lack of a top box makes it easier for the students to be monitored and means the receptionists can see in any direction easily. Choosing a reception desk that can be customised is a good choice for any school as they can incorporate any colour they wish to fit in with their theme. We paired the desk at Peter Symonds College with green operator chairs for the staff.

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