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Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School commissioned Pinnacle to design, supply and install new furniture for their 6th Form Learning Centres. The school is in a very old building, so the Learning Centres were carefully designed to suit the exterior without looking out of date.

The main highlights of each room were the Sculpt configurations which were in the centre of the room, making innovative use of the spacious areas. Sculpt is adaptable to any space and can be configured into creative shapes to suit your area, whatever the requirements. The School chose a smart, more traditional wood grain finish with bright cyan chairs for a modern contrast. The other Learning Centre had the same chairs in vivid royal blue for a pop of colour. The EN chairs they selected are durable and ergonomic, perfect for keeping students comfortable while studying, but also tough enough to stand up to the rigours of school life.

Around the perimeter of the room were Horizon study pods for private work or studying when a student needs to be free from distractions. These had the same finish as the Sculpt configurations and included power supplies for computers.

The school also had some banquette seating with upholstery which cleverly matched the wood grain. These provided some soft seating with space for a number of pupils around each table, perfect for group projects and studies.

We also provided some loose classroom furniture for the school, consisting of more EN chairs and classroom tables.

We came across an issue with the study pods during the project, but due to the resourceful Project Manager, this was quickly resolved and the school were excited to start using their new 6th Form Learning Centres.

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