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Slough and
Eton School

Slough and Eton School approached Pinnacle Furniture to transform their Art Department into 3 new areas; a library, common room and resources area. The building is made from Canadian cedar wood which was brought to England during the Second World War in 1939.

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The Brief

Slough and Eton School is a Church of England school providing education to over 1100 students from the age of 11 through to Sixth Form. The school has students with 113 different nationalities, speaking 98 languages making it an extremely diverse and interesting place to study.

The client approached Pinnacle Furniture to refurbish their existing Art Department and create 3 new areas. The main space would be for the library, accommodating class-based learning, individual study and a breakout / reading zone. The common room would be used for the after-school club and Sixth Form students. The research room would purely be used for the Sixth Form students to unwind, and to study with access to books and computers.

What we did

The building is a post-war wooden building constructed from Canadian timber and as some of the walls were loadbearing, we had to install a steel beam to ensure the structure was safe. The client asked us to utilise their existing metal frame library shelving system, which we combined with Quattro library units. To create relaxed reading zones, we supplied circular Cosmo chairs in blue, purple and yellow fabrics to compliment the school’s existing library furniture. A curved purple welcome desk was added for the librarian and a point where books could be returned.

For individual studying and class-based learning, we provided purple and blue EN classic chairs along with IT benching. A Merlin operator chair, Euro workstation and pedestal was included at the back of the room so that the teacher can easily oversee the students. In the common room, we supplied a variety of circular Cosmo pouffes in a similar colour scheme as the furniture in the other 2 rooms.

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