Benenden Girls’ School

What we did

Echyngham House Study
To achieve a modern and stylish look, we replaced the flooring, lighting, and wall decor as well as placed banquette seating and desks along the perimeter of the room to provide comfortable seating and workspace.
Furthermore, we created distinct areas within the spacious room by combining sofas and chairs. To cater to various requirements, we also included large tables, benches, and workstations.
The room had unique architectural features such as arches, which were utilised to allow for a seamless flow between the two spaces. To highlight the arches, we painted them in different colour and a vibrant floral wallpaper was placed around them. We also added pops of the house colour, pink, to infuse a personal touch.
To transform the room from a classroom-like environment to an office-like setting, we placed shelves, blinds, artwork, and rugs as well as a piano, TV, and photocopier.

Guldeford House Study
To give the room a cosy café ambience, we strategically positioned sofas, tables, lamps, and blinds. Additionally, we installed booths along the sides and placed loose stools near the kitchen area to give it a sleek appearance.

We also incorporated warm tones and touches of orange, representing the Guldeford house colours, along with artwork, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the room. The final touches and accessories were personally selected and placed by the client.