Location: Brighton, East Sussex

The Brief

Pinnacle worked with HNW Architects, Brymor Construction and BHASVIC to manufacture, supply and install the furniture which involved a Stage 4 Design. The project included a new build STEM building to replace some temporary science buildings, general teaching classrooms and breakout spaces. The laboratories needed to support multiple functions including heavy practical experiments and theory-based teaching. The general teaching spaces used BHASVIC’s standard template that works well in the nearby Copper Building.


What we did

Due to COVID restrictions and storm disruptions, the project was split into two phases for the fitted and loose furniture. There were various spaces involved in the project including breakout spaces, social spaces, laboratories, laboratory prep rooms, a mac suite, and general classrooms. The key breakout areas and the student social space were specifically designed to create a calm atmosphere for students that is comfortable and encourages collaboration and socialisation.

For the science laboratories and prep room, we obtained a very detailed brief from the science technicians explaining the engagements that they require. This helped us produce specific items and detailing, such as the bespoke design island in the prep room, to facilitate their legacy fume bubble and water ioniser.

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