Blessed Hugh School

Location: Reading

Blessed Hugh School

Blessed Hugh School gave Pinnacle the task of designing vandal-proof, durable washrooms which gave privacy to the users but were still easy to monitor, in order to prevent vandalism and misuse.

Project value £156,000
Number of students 850
School founded 1950

The Brief

The first measure to make the washrooms easy to observe was the layout. The washrooms were designed to open onto the corridor which allowed them to be supervised by teachers. However we maintained the privacy factor by installing full height solid grade laminate cubicle dividers and doors, which deters anti-social behaviour.

We installed duct panelling which prevents students accessing points behind the wall and hiding items. This also served the purpose of covering the toilet cisterns and other pipes so they don’t get damaged by students leaning and standing on them. MFC ceilings also prevent students from getting up above the ceiling or concealing items, as would be possible with ceiling tiles. Wall cladding and duct panelling can be easily painted over in the case of graffiti, and we mounted wall tiles in a random pattern in order to prevent vandalism.


What we did

We installed environmentally friendly sensor taps which deter misuse and are more cost effective for the school as taps cannot be left running. We mounted efficient hand dryers on the trough basins which also save money as they eliminate the need to buy paper towels after the initial cost is covered, and it means bins will require emptying less often. Underneath the sinks, we fitted capacity storage cupboards to hold utilities and also to conceal the water pipes as a preventative measure against vandalism.

Durable and long lasting vinyl flooring was laid down to ensure the washrooms can take a lot of wear and will make sure the washrooms can be used for years to come.

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