Cadbury College

Cadbury College

Cadbury College is a specialist sixth form for 16-19-year-olds, the college offers an extensive range of over 40 advanced level subjects in a learning facility that has been constructed to meet the needs and aspirations of all its students.  

Pinnacle designed and provided the furniture for the refurbishment of the East Block, including the Fab Lab, and science blocks. Our brief was to create a modern, state of the art space, tying in with the rest of the school and to facilitate the Schools’ unique advanced programmes.  


In the Science Building, Pinnacle used our extensive knowledge of Laboratories to design and fit the furniture. Each science discipline required different elements. For example, lots of space in the Physics rooms for experiments, easy access to water in Biology, and gas taps in Chemistry rooms. Most of the rooms were fitted with fixed benching with integrated services, aside from the rooms that needed reconfigurable furniture for space. Loose furniture seating was also supplied to the Science Lecture room. 

Although DDA desks were not installed, our designs were made to be futureproof, with spaces left for the desks to allow the school to install them at a later date should they need them.  

Green was featured frequently across the design in elements such as the loose furniture like the chairs and science stools and in accent wall colours to pay homage to the School’s logo and branding. 

In the East Block of the school, Pinnacle furnished the Digital Design Suites, IT suites and multi-purpose classrooms, furniture in these zones included benching and re-configurable furniture, we also incorporated foldable partition walls in some of the larger rooms.  

As part of the East Block, Pinnacle fitted the ‘Fab-Lab’ which is completely bespoke. The vision for the room was to produce a funky and futuristic space for students to create in. Integrated lighting was installed to add contrast to the room’s dark ceiling, flooring, and accents. Equipment such as the 3D printer was housed inside bespoke made furniture with glass fronts to ensure ease of access, correct ventilation and to be visible from the anywhere inside the room to add to the modern feel of the space. Suspended plug sockets were mounted to the ceiling for students to pull down and have access to power wherever they are in the room. This design feature ensured that there weren’t exposure wires across the floor when working, removing any safety hazard.  

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