Christ’s School

Location: Richmond

The Brief

Sawtooth benching was used in the IT suites and in the common room which enables all students to face the front of the room and have their own individual space. The rooms also use a mixture of Vision IT swivel chairs and Vision sled base chairs with seat pads that bring a stylish and modern look to the rooms. Glass partitioning was used in the common room to help create quiet study areas for group or individual work. To suit various study methods and aid group projects, Byte and circular tables were supplied which can be rearranged in different configurations.

In order to optimise the space available with the classrooms, IT chairs with writing tablets were supplied for easy note-taking in a lecturing environment and to remove the need for tables which would use up valuable space. This also helped to mimic a university style of teaching and create a more adult environment for the students. Another way that a university style environment was created was to install tiered benching to allow clear views of demonstrations in the science laboratory.


What we did

EN cantilever chairs were used in the classrooms. Not only do these chairs look modern and stylish, but they provide ergonomic features such as a waterfall seat front to prevent loss of circulation and a back that flexes to the user’s movements. The seat shell is strong and is designed to be durable and long lasting.

The physics laboratory was set up with several horseshoe-shaped service pedestals. These were very much liked by the teachers who saw the benefits that this design offered. They enabled the students to work individually, in pairs, or arranged according to ability. The horseshoe shape means that all of the students face the front at the same time.

The client wanted to create a light and airy communal space for the students. Pinnacle supplied a range of colourful modular easy seating and Feast benching in the wide hallway to allow students to study and relax. A colour scheme of bright oranges, purples, yellows and blues was used in the new block to match and complement the school colours.

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