Elizabeth College – Fostering an engaging and conducive learning environment for students

From design to delivery

There were several factors to consider when creating the new scheme for the client. These included the student’s needs, the overall design and style of the school, layout, storage solutions, and furniture.

Choosing colours & fabrics with Interior Designer,  Emma

Elizabeth College wanted to create a nature-inspired colour palette to capture the landscape and the importance of sustainability in Guernsey. The earthy tones included greens, browns, and blues, reflecting the natural world.

The inspiration for the palette also came from the history of when it was the Royal Bank of Canada. We chose a blend of wood colours, timbers, soft woven fabrics, and metals to highlight the architectural style of the building. The palette complemented well with the highland stretch fabric chosen to provide comfort and durability.



Flexible learning spaces

The client wanted soft seating to create an informal, flexible, and inviting environment for students to learn and collaborate in social spaces of the 6th form, the presentation room, research room, studio, and drama. Some of the seating arrangement came from the inspiration of the island’s geology and the different types of rocks.

Other areas we enjoyed working on with the client included the school office, medical room, sixth study room, library, wellbeing office, peace room, and a computer studies classroom.

Creating a new learning area for this independent school was an exciting journey for Pinnacle to be part of. The project was a huge success, and the students and teachers were pleased to see Perrot Court come to life.